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Zero Waste/ Plastic Free Goal Reflections on 2018

I wanted to look back over my progress and consider my goal to take every room in our home plastic free. The perfectionist in use will tell us we have to do it really well or not at all or perhaps we feel too overwhelmed with how convenient our lives are to start?

I set this goal at the start of 2018 and kind of lost steam with it after summer…mainly because I felt I’d taken it as far as I could within the constraints of our budget, lifestyle and resources but I definitely have a goal to find a sustainable toothpaste that we like that isn’t £6 a pot this year…

It was a very rewarding project and I’ve catalogued the writing in the blog posts relating to the work we did and amazing companies I found – there are EVEN more now and plastic free, low waste and zero waste is getting easier to incorporate but we still have a long way to go and have to change up our habits that have sent us so desperately off course …

I’m proud of what we achieved as a family and how differently we approach living more consciously in creative ways in our home, garden and out and about and plan I’ve created this worksheet to share with other families and organisations to help you on your journey too. My biggest win of last year was not buying takeaway coffees in those cups – working in Newcastle sometimes you can’t help but notice the overflowing bins all full of everyone’s morning coffee or afternoon hot chocolate. We have bamboo coffee cups which we take everywhere – I really recommend bamboo over plastic or metal cups as the coffee just tastes really GOOD – they are around £6 each and you save 25p at most coffee shops by using them – these..type.  

There’s more detail on our journey as a family in the blog posts below…

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Conscious Beauty

Thanks for reading! Do you have goals to reduce waste or contribute to the rebuilding of our environment in 2019, I’d love to chat.

I’m tagging the sparkles over on instagram.

Claire x

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