I am so excited to share some progress of how I’m getting on with one of my 2019 goals of taking better photos…

This is a spidergram of how I decided to approach the goal…

I got an opportunity quicker than I thought I might when a gorgeous plastic free coffee brand sent me some coffee to try and review…thanks Percol! (Their packaging is completely plastic free and the coffee is LUSH)

Percol Coffee and Filter

I wanted to share a review of the coffee and big up the brand and all the hard work they’re doing so I thought what better opportunity to practise some photos/ ask for help and try something new!

One of my previous clients Laura is an incredible lifestyle photographer and I sent her a message asking if she had any iPhone tips on how best to frame up a picture.

L Hardy Photo Feed - instagram

I remember listening to a podcast or a insta live or something like that when I first started using Instagram with Dominique from All that is She (a huge influencer and expert photographer) and she said the best thing to do when creating your photography was to use what you have rather than try to create images in your head you couldn’t easily make – eg setting yourself up to use 101 colours of fresh flowers if you’re not a florist.  Being creative can also be being resourceful.

When thinking about the image I wanted to create for Percol I listed all the things I might use…

  • House plants
  • Coffee grinder
  • Cups/ s
  • Milk
  • V60 dripper & kettle
  • Flowers
  • Kitchen workbench
  • Chopping board
  • Grass outside
  • Our stairs
  • Percol bags of coffee (one ground/ one beans)
  • Natural light
  • Studio lights
  • Hands

I tried a few different compositions and sent them to Laura and she suggested turning on the grid on iPhone camera in settings and focussing in on the coffee beans, definitely using natural light and voila – here were are…

I’m pleased with the result but feel like the heavy edit doesn’t blend in with my Instagram feed so I’ll probably end up deleting it – 🙈 haha all part of the process and it was great fun playing around although my coffee did get cold in the process!

How are you getting on with your 2019 goals… do you enjoy photography?  I love taking photos of beaches and things but don’t know a thing about composition considering I did a film degree I should probably remember something but I don’t think film used to be square maybe that’s it…

Come and follow my journey on Instagram as I tag the sparkles when I discover a brilliant shot if you like…

Claire x