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2019 Goals

Word of the Year …prism

Intent – To find ways to see things differently and understand the multiple colourful opportunities at once.


  • Learn SUP (Spring time)
  • Continue on Plastic Free mission (every day in small ways)
  • Travel regularly (at least once per season)
  • Retreat twice in 2019 (May & September)

Creatively Conscious – Self Development/ Creative Mentoring Client work

  • Launch podcast – ‘Being beautifully broken and brilliant’ by end of Jan
  • Finish Faerie Story by Spring
  • Attract dream clients for self development – ongoing
  • Write x1 online course by October 2019
  • Collaborate with like minded souls and brands – ongoing.
  • Take more and better photos
  • Be more present in person in these photos

Creatively Conscious – Arts Management Partnerships

  • Expand client portfolio to include new types of clients for exciting projects and partnerships UK & beyond in incredible locations.

  • Continue to work on shifting locus of control for communities who don’t have privileged access to creativity and tools to express their voice.
  • Increase visibility – Create video showreel for website

And that’s all I’ve got!

Have you set any goals for 2019? Would you like some help setting them? I offer Coffee and Creativity face to face sessions in Alnwick or Newcastle that are really affordable – drop me an email to find out more.

Claire x

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