Having a capsule wardrobe is a nourishing practise for me, not a fleeting decision taken over a weekend…

(c) Laura Hardy Rotchester
(c) Laura Hardy Rotchester

The process of working with a conscious capsule wardrobe – a 12 month journey

So how did it work for me… ? The motivation (and I think we need one) was simple – to make quicker decisions in the morning and to wear things that felt really really good…

Having been inspired by thinking about those folk who just find jeans they really love and buy 7 pairs and the same with shirts – like a uniform almost… (Actually I think that was just Steve Jobbs?)

I don’t think I’ll ever be THAT person…

But, being inspired to buy less clothing and when I do more consciously is so important to me.

I also love to celebrate my personality through what I wear I recognised there were lots of things that didn’t “spark joy” that I looked at/ tried on each day which was a complete waste of precious morning minutes!

It took about 12months, to fully embrace a smaller wardrobe per season and it was a process for sure.

If I tried something on and didn’t like how it fit/ felt, I would hang it back up and try it twice more before deciding whether to donate it.

I got rid of a lot of winter grey because it doesn’t really make my heart sing to wear grey in winter! I didn’t have numbers of items in my head or a budget to replace things I just lived it out.

You can read about where I started here…

How it works (when your wardrobe isn’t narnia)…

So in my wardrobe (and yes we still need to decorate inside it), I now have 5 categories;

Hanging Space

  1. Work (out of the house)
  2. Fancy work (for meetings/ launches)
  3. Casual/ work at home gear
A shot of the casual part of my wardrobe with jeans and some cheery pink ...

Drawer/ box space

4. Lounge wear/ Yoga and sports stuff

5. Occasion outfits

Numbers 1 & 2 consist of around 20 items – 3 dresses, two pairs of trousers, 1 skirt and some tops, shirts, jumpers and two jackets. I have a coat that goes with all of this.

Number 3 is again about 20 items – 5 pairs of trousers/ jeans, 1 denim skirt, tops, jumpers and cardigans. I still have about 6 different winter coats we keep downstairs.

A shot of the 'work' side of my wardrobe... and a tiny jumper my Grandma knitted for me that hangs there,

Number 4 is alot of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years and probably needs a cull but it’s too worn to send to charity really and I have room in my drawers so I just leave it all in there.

Number 5 is all in a box above the rails as I don’t need to see this everyday – I don’t have many weddings or fancy nights out to go on.

So my 6 top tips if you fancy trying it…

3 tips to decisions…

  1. Decide on your motivation – this is totally personal to you – it might be about quick decision making like me or feeling good in everything you own?
  2. Do the Marie Kondo technique! Really try to let go of things you’ve never worn/ never got anything to go with even if they were a bargain etc.
  3. Decide on your categories like mine above personal to you – if you’re a yoga teacher you’ll likely want to hang yoga outfits up and not fancy work stuff…
  1. Order your wardrobe into your categories and rediscover the things you love, things that can mix and match.
  2. Make a list of anything you feel is missing – so mine at the moment is a long sleeved top – I have two black ones but would like another colour. I can literally count on one hand the things I’ve bought in the last year including a stripey, pink and grey t-shirts and pink cardigan.
  3. Set a date to repeat the process – I have a box above my wardrobe rails with things I’m still not sure about and a note of paper with a date to decide…

Other links and places of inspirations for Capsule Wardrobes…

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If I’ve missed anything or you’d like to ask anything about my capsule wardrobe for winter feel free. Have you come across any bloggers or people who really inspire you in this area?

I’m tagging the sparkles on instagram as creatively.conscious

Claire x