Eeeek I am so super excited to be hosting my FIRST Creatively Conscious workshop with Yvette Hawkins next month at Yoga Therapies, Gosforth.

I was actually supposed to host a goal setting workshop with my partner Dave (a movement coach) last weekend but we had to cancel because of the snow. Sooo my workshop with Yvette will be my first one outside of all the freelance projects I deliver and I am super excited! There’s not many tickets available now so if you’re interested get in touch with Yoga Therapies.

I’ve been wanting to write about partnerships for a while as I know it’s something self employed folk and side hustlers question and dance with as we do get quite used to working alone. So should we push ourselves to work with other? How do we know whether it will work?

It was actually question I asked a coach Jen Carrington when I worked with her one to one last year… My question to Jen was…

How do you know who to partner with in your creative business AND how does it work for you if you’re friends too?

Jen talked about complementary skill-sets and about how having known Sara Tasker (they co-host a podcast together) a long time making it just intuitively easy to know it was going to work.

And… I must say, that’s kind of what I’ve always known deep down too – that’s not to say it hasn’t sometimes unravelled and not worked so well but… for the most part working with a friend with a complimentary skill-set is a boat load of fun!

A firm starting point and a spark of something special…

This is why Yvette and I decided to run a workshop together! She’s an artist (textiles, paper, book making and more) and I organise things and people’s creative brains for a living!

Also…we’ve worked together loads and have really similar life and work values too. And we wanted to work somewhere outside of the arts sector and thats why I contacted my pals Chris and Debs at their Yoga Studio – they are so ambitious and always up for new ideas!

So… do you what to know more about what to expect from Yvette and I in our workshop at Yoga Therapies on 3rd March… ?

Blending white space on paper, book binding and setting intents

Our workshop is called; Goal Setting and Journal Making  (FB link)

It’s the book making and the goal setting that to me is SUCH a perfect partnership. How many gorgeous books and planners are out there gathering dust because people buy them and then they’re just not quite the right fit… wrong start date, not enough space for notes, dreams, doodles… well this is why I make my own!

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I coach creatives and artists helping them to spin their big dreams into reality step by step…. I share lots of articles about this under my blog posts on The Artist Boat 

Making your own book for YOUR own dreams…

The workshop is a chance for creative thinkers and those who would love to use their creativity more to try out some productivity and goal setting techniques.

The session is broken down into you making a specially designed journal (in which you can choose some colours and textures) and focus followed by learning some techniques I teach my clients.

Curious about making your own notebooks?

Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest for book binding (it’s my new inspiration obsession) – you can read more about when I tried out making a diary last month too if you like. It’s only the third book I’ve made although I’d love to be a bit more practised and make some for Christmas presents for people by the end of the year.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask. I’d love to hear from you.

Claire x