When my partner David introduced me to The Shift by Komoso Design I was really intrigued.

I wrote to the US based designers and told them a little about us and how interested we were in their products and their design. (*)

“An anchor to a boat is what The Shift’ is to your mind…”

Candle, foliate and shift calm breath device

The Shift in silver plate pictured with a necklace of my own

Creators of this Japanese inspired design are really passionate about re-connecting humans to their breath.

Stress Management and The Shift 

Think about your breath and how it is right now reading this article v how it might be if you are anxious or stressed you start to begin to understand it’s power.

The Shift is a physical reminder designed into a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery that enables us to extend our exhale.  Any place, any time.

I’ve been using mine for a little over three weeks now and it’s honestly been a complete game changer.  You wouldn’t really believe the the stress that finds it’s way into our every day when we start recognising it as just that.  It’s not of course that stress is bad… stress can provide challenge, adrenalin for us to get things done, run the race but in our modern society we have a choice about how we respond.

Some BIG shifts for me

  1. A reality check – Let me get a little honest here.  There are things I have to do for work that can cause me anxiety.  I manage all Dave’s admin for his company and he’s ended up working for some people with RIDICULOUS EGOS.  Ridiculous egos that I have to phone up and email and try and work through when really I just want to say… have you ever thought about therapy?!    Anyway… these interactions are not pleasant and sometimes the day before, sometimes in the moment I start to feel short of breath, stressed and anxious.  Using The Shift has enabled me to practise mindfulness, get playful with my breath and connect me to the bigger picture.
  2. A firm word with anxiety  – Anxiety would tell you “people will think x, y, z if you say that.”  it will force you to over think before you act.   Shift jewellery helps connect you to your calm and ultimately remind you that as just one human operating in the cosmos your place here is as important as anyone else’s.  It’s kind of magic like that.
  3. A reminder – this gorgeous piece of jewellery is there all of the time so I don’t have to think twice about using it in the car on the school run, in the supermarket queue, whilst walking or in prep for a big presentation.  It’s become an extension of who I am and even one breath into it makes all the difference to my trajectory and day ahead.
  4. A gift – imagine, each day you wake up you have the option to take with you everywhere you go the beautiful gift of breath.  We all have this available to us anytime.   Consciously or unconsciously the breath is powering our voice and enabling our power out in the world.  Why wouldn’t you use it and all it has to offer you?
  5. Some welcome sanctuary – I believe we need WAY MORE sanctuary in our lives and more power down.  On that note Dave and I have a NEW product coming out – Seven Days to Breath Sanctuary which explores how you can use your own breath, meditation techniques and science to deepen your connection with how you manage stress.

I am over the moon to have discovered a like minded set of creators across the pond and I cannot wait to see how our journey can compliment the work they are doing and vice versa.

To find out more directly from Komoso Design.  10% OFF your first order + FREE shipping
Use code CALM at checkout If you’d like to buy a Shift of your own, it currently only ships from the US so there are Customs Fees to pay.

(*) I bought my Shift directly and David has been gifted one to experience in response to working with PTSD.