I am delighted to be working with Make and Mend Festival this year.  Tickets are still available for the event on Sunday 7 July at Preston Park, Stockton.

As part of the festival line up, I’ll join a whole host of other exciting UK based creatives in a jam packed programme celebrating creativity and wellbeing.

Font and flowers – two of my faves!


The guys at Make & Mend believe creativity is GOOD for the soul… me too!

I adore clearing space (whether literal or schedule based) for creativity and since I started my company Creatively Conscious I have created something new almost every single day.

Tickets start at just £10 so why not make some time for your creative whims and come along!   There are SO many brilliant workshops to choose from.  Even if you’ve never tried crafting before you’ll be so drawn to start!

I’ll be hosting a workshop all about Creative Lineage.  It’s something I’ve been pondering on a lot recently.  You know (if you’ve been here a while), I am a self confessed self development GEEK!

I also work with children and artists and I’m very passionate about supporting my 4 year old on his creative journey.


My son tells me most days “I’m an artist mummy”

To which I answer;

“You are sweetheart… and a brilliant one too”

I’ve been working through lots of childhood memories of creativity, materials, enablers and cringe moments recently in a bid to understand some of my personal creative blocks and self induced boxing up of the work I do.

Here’s an extract from some of the journal work I’ve been doing;



A letter to my creativity – just 5 years old

At school aged four you were the best reader and your love for stories and books began. When you were first given colours you didn’t hesitate to use them.  You sharpened pencils down to just an inch and filled thousands upon thousands of pages.  They were beautiful.

school pencil sharpeners in colours

A letter to my creativity – just 10 years old 

You learnt as a student, teachers liked creativity.  They liked confidence and correct answers.  They liked individuality and sparkle.  You chose to write – a lot and fantastically.  You learnt to knit from Grandma Betty.

Experiments working with clay and making up plays and performances bring joy and flops.  You won a colouring competition because yours was “the best”.   Others said it was more because of your privileged access to a gold pen.  Are you really working class?  What do you eat for tea?

You never really believed your work was ever was the best.   Starring in school shows you were the lead dragon – everyone laughed but you didn’t understand the joke so just went along with it as that seemed socially for the best.

A letter to my creativity – just 15 years old

You found it almost impossible to remember lines but everyone gave you A* for drama.  You took extra classes in English to get good grades and became fascinated with set and stage.

With no influences of modern art you explored design (as one of only two girls in the class) and became an incredibly talented designer but you didn’t understand how it could be a job.  Everyone wanted to talk about careers and what yours would be.  Creativity wasn’t as cool as it is now.  You knew there was so much you didn’t understand but took comfort that there would always be time to learn.

Paint pots and a pile of brushes

Paint pots and well used brushes

A letter to my creativity – now you’re 21

A creative degree (BA hons 2:1) under your belt. you can now write that down and join the thousands of others who do too.  Although you understand the magnitude of creative careers available to you, nothing is clear.  You understand the long days and low pay, the TV sets that expect you to smuggle in drugs, the buzz and the glamour.  Having been in a few films you don’t recognise yourself the same way as you do in the mirror.

Working in America connects you to creativity out in nature and where talent is nurtured fireworks and rose petals follow.

ribbons in the forrest

Creativity can be anything…

to be continued…

Does any of this spark interest for you or make you think about your childhood differently?  One of the biggest things I am able to change in the project work I do is to bring in equal amounts of interest in materials and influence.  I am so super passionate about children and young people having space to express their view of the world with the materials they want to use.


Come along to my facilitated talk on 7th July – discover more about your creative lineage, where experiences from your youth may be blocking your creative potential and to tune into your creative spirit.

Hope to see some of you there.

Until then I’m tagging the sparkles over on instagram.

Claire x

PS – If you are interested in creative coaching and want to work with me, my programme for creatives; The Artists Boat develops your creativity and navigates the way for your ambition, sustainability and balance.