I write blogs about money called ‘Money Talks’ because in the creative sector we are not always brilliant at charging our worth or looking after money…

There’s another one here…

I’m not going to talk here about mortgage holidays, ACE funds or other grants because there is already a tonne of info about all of that stuff…

I’m here to say we can be savvy about money and be self employed AND what’s more WE CAN BE even more brilliant during Covid-19 in crisis – we can do hard things!

Here are my top 11 tips…

  1. Start a money journal… know where you’re starting from with all your money memories and journeys… map back as far as you can… for me, it was back to saving 5p coins in an Archers Peach Snapps bottle.  Before that I had a Halifax house money box…remember those?  I didn’t have the Natwest pigs (google image search is SO SCARY! – why oh why did I want them so much).   Try to get to know “your why” with money.
  2. Decrease your expenses... here’s a spread sheet to help.  I am geeky about this and what’s more I’m PROUD that we switched to an ECO EGG for laundry and have saved a gazillion pounds on laundry power since 2017!   You can get 10% directly from their website if you sign up to their mailing list.
  3. Put your prices up… if you’ve been doing what you do for longer than three years then you NEED to put up your prices  – it works like a domino and everyone will follow suit.
  4. Tell people you are open for business… remind people what you do and follow up, give what you want to give for free but always tell people you charge for your services too.  We are all different here but you have to be like a human shop and remind people you are open and they can work with you.
  5. Get conscious about your impulse buys... sure it’s pretty hard to impulse buy anything during the lockdown but if you could what would you be buying?  I’ve saved money on Starbucks, fuel and ‘top up food shops’ so far… I totalled it up because did I mention I’m geeky like that and it adds up to £211 – WHAT!! We’ve only been locked down two weeks!   I have spent money on chalk from amazon and books etc of course… my impulse buys have just changed a little.
  6. Get on the same page as your partner... we’re still working on that one but financially literacy in a marriage means you bring different stories about money to the party – talk about it!
  7. Do a course… I would really recommend these two Money and Multiple Streams of Income with Leonie Dawson  and Make art that Sells (free at the moment)
  8. Read a book – my fave on money stuff is Chillpreneur 
  9. Be kind on yourself… your life just got flipped upside down!

  10. Save and set money goals… I learnt this from Leonie Dawson… having money goals means you are clear on what you want to save for/ pay off and by when… it keeps you anchored.
  11. Talk about money with friends… I have had some brilliant convos with internet friends about money and I have a real life friend who gets it too… it’s good to talk.

Much love, be well.

Claire x