Hi all,

So you know I’m geeky about planning and goals.  Planning and setting goals helps to anchor me and give me motivation and a sense of purpose.  As I work as a project manager across Arts Projects I have timelines, budgets and more to set and manage for each project so setting goals in my creative life outside work feels good!

How to set a goal… 

So I usually start with drawing 10 clouds in my note book and popping ideas into them…

Extract examples;

  • Publish and sell x20 ‘Artist Boat e-books’
  • Launch podcast
  • Write four blogs per month
  • Increase profile
  • Get 10 different types of edible foods into our allotment garden
  • Learn a new craft skill

Then I would number them in order of what felt most important to me.

I work in three month blocks so each of the goals above will be tackled from April – June.  I work across multiple goals at once as that’s how I work best but obviously everyone is different so you might want to lock on to just one.

Then I’d break each goal down into steps… let’s take Publish Artist Boat Ebook;

  • Print and write edits on draft
  • Buy some graphics
  • Ask someone to read, maybe two people
  • Survey instagram about how long the book should be…
  • Commission art work for cover
  • Set a launch date
  • Tell followers about launch date
  • Mention at least 20 times I’m working on it – across instagram, in person, in my monthly emails.  You can sign up here. 
  • Edit chapter 1, 2 etc etc – each gets ticked off separately as it’s a big project
  • Offer free copy in response for feedback
  • Launch and sell…

Then I’d go back through the tasks and add a square box so they can be ticked off and a date/deadline.

My word of the year this year is Wholehearted.  I’m enjoying using it in practise.  How are you getting on with your 2020 goals?

Claire x

PS – I would really recommend Elise Blaha Cripe’s book – BIG DREAMS – daily Joys!  It’s a lovely read- Elise has a brain a little like mine I think and she’s super down to earth.