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I just wanted to create a page with everything in one place for my Arts Council Funded project Creativity Island for Mums.

It’s been a BRILLIANT 12 months creating content and experiences for mums both online and in person.

I’ve called it the ‘Everything in one Place’ page. I feel like our brains are often scrambled enough with ALL the things…so hopefully this is a super simple navigation of where to go if you want to take part.

It’s also to help me make sense of navigating the final phase of the project; creating the journal. The journal is a REAL passion project and a lesson for me in letting go of perfectionism. I simple don’t have time for it as a mum of two… more on that soon.

FREE online Creativity Island for Mums TUTORIALS

Join our Facebook Group.

Picture Books and Postcards is a self paced feel-good project with just three simple steps. It takes place in your home and at your local postbox!

This one’s just for you Focussed on feeling good postpartum I chat with Louise from The Calm Folk and Charlotte from Bloom Birth.

Making Motherhood Memories – tutorials to help capture those precious first years with your little one contains videos on black out poetry, collage artwork and unblocking your creative brain (even if you’re sleep deprived…) This one costs £15 for access. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions…

Creativity Island The Journal

Created in partnership with writer Danielle Slade and Visual Artist and Illustrator Josie Brookes, Creativity Island – The Journal is launching for pre-sale on 1st November!! I’ve been working with Ebony Newton from Dotty Black on the design and it’s JUST dreamy!!

of everything and everyone who took part in Creativity Island for Mums (Nov ’20-21)

Feedback so far…

Firstly, I definitely give your project 5 stars!

Secondly, I think this project is one of the things that has brought a little light to each of our days. I like how all of the exercises in the journal/ the Facebook group etc are all quite small and manageable. The exercises just for me were helpful on those days where I felt like I was exhausted and drowning. And the tasks such as the Halloween/ Christmas window were great for taking away that – ‘Sh**, what am I going to do with the kids all day?!’ feeling. My one year old loves the kitpas crayons now and we actually regularly wash off and reinvent our window now. Thank you Claire!

The journal photographed at a window at sunrise in Northumberland

A spot of winter sunrise journalling? Yes please!

For more info contact me anytime.

For my youtube playlist of creative video tutorials posted as part of this project click here.

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