I’m trying something new here. So I am recording a voice note while my daughter is pottering around in the background and there’s some Elmo on very quietly on the TV.

So I’m here wanting to find a way to make my work more accessible – to find a way to record it so it reaches more people who understand the world in different ways.

So here’s my experiment… a blend of photos and chat!

I wanted to talk about my 2019 vision board and there’s a photograph of it embedded here. It’s very pink and full of light and has lovely quotes both hand written and cut from magazines…

As the pandemic hit I wondered about it as doing a new one was anchoring for me. I found it out. I actually thought I’d put it in the fire as a marker of thanks and to sort of end the cycle of the year. And it turns out I hadn’t and I was really curious in that and I wanted to have a little look at it. So I’ve made a vision board for 2019 2020 and 2021.

I’ve still got to do 2022 and the inspiration usually comes to me when the world’s waking up a bit more outside. So soon, I think February March time. So this one,

I’m going to read the quotes that I’ve written first, the first one I’ve written, I’ve obviously found it from somewhere, and it says,

look inward. Don’t let the true nature of value of anything elude you,

and I’ve put that next to some butterflies and hearts.

Then I’ve written the words

vibrant, abundant and powered, purposeful.

I’ve also cut from a magazine.

The phrase

be relevant


two other quotes.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you imagined.

And the last bit of text is to separate magazine cuttings that read;

we are waterfalls.

So that’s all the text.

The visual is stuff that I was attracted to at the time of creation.

I’ve left quite a lot of whitespace you don’t often see that on vision boards, but whitespace is massively important to me, because I get overwhelmed really quickly and easily if there’s too much clutter.

The image that I’ve cut out of I mean I don’t even know what she what she’s doing there really she’s it’s definitely female sort of essence of female anyway and her hair’s kind of slipped back on the sorts of colours running through our hair. I shared on my Instagram, I found that looking at my wedding photos, I could recognise the person I’d created on the board. It was me a few months later getting married!

So I did this vision board before we even booked the wedding. We ended up getting married in 2019, planning it within six or seven months. I think getting married that yeah, that would explain all the hearts I always knew I wanted to be married to Dave and I feel like looking back this vision board was the push we needed to dream up HOW it would happen.

Being relevant.

Yeah, this is huge. For me. This is definitely about business. And so when I first set up my own business ‘Creatively Conscious’ and entered the online space, I quickly found podcasts and lots of people that I connected to who were coaches or mentors.

No one in my industry was doing it but I think I found it quite difficult in the beginning to understand how to do the work I wanted to do in a space of 20 somethings who’d turned their blogs into being creative coaches.

I was still doing a lot of freelance work and I wanted to shift from taking ANY old project management job in the arts to it being really relevant for my values in my business.

This meant spotting projects that worked outside, in tune with the seasons, in a low waste way, in a co-created way and smashed any hierarchy.

Looking back in my mentor in work I feel like I’ve definitely got to that place of BEING RELEVANT. Now that feels like a really nice statement to read that but also I think that is a nice reminder as I transition back into work after maternity leave for me to move on to this year’s vision board! The power of the reflect!

Now there’s an illustration and looking at it here in January 2022 I just thought that’s a nice illustration.

But, I don’t know if at the time (because I can’t remember) if this was a purposeful cut out or I just liked it. It’s a tiny little illustration of a girl with dark hair in a pink hot air balloon and she’s looking longingly at the moon. My baby girl Luna-Jean was born in December 2020.

Apples are not the only fruit

I remember feeling wrung out financially when I made this, I think at the time we’d sort of just finished our extension and we were very cash poor. So this nod to abundance, this sense of overflowing fruit bowls, and other abundance practices was really important to me. We now have four fruit bowls and they are all overflowing. At the time my little boy adored all the expensive berries and me and Dave never got a look in. Now I buy extra and he eats up to 2 apples a day!

Are you inside or outside?

And here’s a little black horse! I was quite fascinated with horses at the time and I remember they had come up a lot in my meditation. Not too long after that, it was actually my husband that ended up doing a horse riding lesson as one of his mates wanted to try it. His horse was black but was called Solei. (the sun). Mine would have been white if I’d ridden it – we are polar opposite like that.

So recognising the joy in that moment of me watching them ride was really really special.

Here and Now

And I’ve had the vision board on my kitchen windowsill for about a week and I’ve just been kind of checking back in with it and seeing what I’d like to take forward for this year and looking at my other two from 20/21 as well.

So yeah, that’s just a really quick rattle through the reflective process.

And I find the process so fascinating creating vision boards, and I’m going to offer a little workshop with a good friend to accompany it. Email me to enquire and book your spot – claire@creativelyconscious.co.uk

So if you’re interested in the process that I go through and how I decide what to cut out and where to position things without just becoming a sort of nod to a Hallmark greeting card cardboard cutout of aspirations let me know and you can come and be part of that.