I really wanted to share my top five tips for taking photos for content creation just using your phone.

It cropped up as a topic in my creative content club and my participants were interested in courses I’ve taken. Answer – none really! Although I have had a little professional mentoring.

I don’t use an SLR although I’d like one, I’ve always just used my iPhone. Currently I use an iPhone 6S and it’s served me well. Oh except I always need more online storage.

This blog is a collab. with US artist and mother creator Sarah Shotts who has written on the same topic.

You can read her top 5 tips on taking photos here.

Tip One – Clean your camera lens
ALL credit to my profesh photographer pal Laura for this one. Our camera lens on our phones picks up pocket dust and smears all the time. No special cloth required. Just the corner of your tshirt of a tea-towel will do the job! Easy hey?! You’ll really see the difference.

Tip Two – ALWAYS take photos in natural light
Make a list of places you can snap with natural light flooding in and observe the way the light dances round your home. I love using our kitchen bench or table in the morning sun or the conservatory in the afternoon sun. Shadows can be fun but can also complicate things so watch your angles. Get playful with them. I took this photo of my daughter after noticing the winter morning sun and moving her highchair. The prep and thought took longer than snapping the pic and I think that’s often the way?

Tip Three – look with your eyes AND through the lens
When your taking photos you see something in your head then with your eyes but the camera sees differently. Have a look at your images straight after you’ve taken them then take some more. Use favourites function to make your best and notice why you feel this way.

Tip Four – share your interesting detail
Don’t let perfectionism trip you up. I’ve noticed that insta accounts are less likely to share detail or messy process and ALL that stuff is so interesting. I’m my opinion we are so over the days of the thumb stopping image – yep it might happen but sharing your story is so much more interesting and adds depth to help your audience understand you.

Tip Five – think about your colour palette
I like to weave in pinks, greens and yellows into my Instagram feed. Do you want a lot of nature in your feed or in your brand identity? How does everything match in/ match up? Do you like cool aesthetic? If so VSCO is your friend, if not perhaps play with the filters on your phone and adjust the brightness.

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