I’ve got something SO exciting to share with you…

I’ve started a club – a creative content club and it’s just SO much fun. It’s a channel for creativity, for increasing confidence and self worth and for finding and maintaining YOUR UNIQUE voice online.

– Are you running a creative business, project or a business with creative dreams?

– Do you struggle with confidence in finding your creative voice online?

– Perhaps you feel it’s your visual communication holding you back?

– Perhaps you’ve stopped sharing because you feel your voice doesn’t matter or there’s no space for you in a busy online space.

– Perhaps you want to grow support for your art or writing and you’re not sure where to start?

– Perhaps you feel compelled not to follow the trends (ahem tiktok pointy videos) but don’t know how else to create online?

– Perhaps you are curious about how linked in, twitter, canva or instagram can help grow your business, get you new opportunities or be a new way for you to express your authentic voice/ creations or perhaps your business is doing great but you’d really like a creative outlet for relaxation?

My Creatively Conscious Creative Content Club is here just for you!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now – Chinese Proverb

It’s never too late to start and find new ways to express your voice, your art, your unique place and gifts for the world!

I’m SO excited to have built a new space for us to learn more about content creation, our own self limiting beliefs and building confidence online.

It’s called Creative Content Club and you can buy the course here. New lessons are drip fed every week and we start 1st April.

What you get;

– 7 weeks of creatively produced lessons to get you journalling and thinking about your blocks with downloads to help you plan and manage what feels good to you.
– Practical advice about how I’ve grown my business and my social media channels and still LOVE to hang out on most of them.
– Guest pop up podcasts with other content creators
– Accountability – the one tool that REALLY helps you keep momentum and succeed when you are ready to start creating!

(NB this course isn’t about attracting big followings although you might it’s about celebrating your authentic voice and growing at a pace that feels good to you.

I tested this course at the start of the year with 6 participants and there have been SO many breakthroughs with the incredible group of people who joined me and I’m so excited to share this magic with you.

The down-low
The course is an investment of £81 (early bird ends Mid March) and with that you get a FREE month long ticket into my voice and message sharing space “voxer” where I voice note weekly behind the scenes and creative provocations with you on Fridays.

In the community you can share and test your creations before you post, ask for feedback on creative writing, blog posts, reels whatever you need to create content you’ll find an answer here.

You can see an overview of the lessons here and book your spot too.

“It’s like having a mentor and your brilliant brain in my pocket. When indecision strikes I know you’ll be there and I’ve learnt so much from the other members too.” Participant in last cohort.

With permission, here are the folks who joined my last creative content club, check them out and support their work if it resonates with you…

-Zoe at Postpartum Matters
-Amber at Ambient Beauty
-Rima at White Antelope
-Jo at Happy Yoga and Ex Council Glamour
-Beth at Girl about Northumberland
-Laura at The Key to it all
-Sarah at Sarah Shotts

“…it really has been invaluable as a way of focusing on that content creation – it’s improved the way I show up for my audience, my belief in myself, I’ve been more consistent and my follower count has gone up by over 50% with my last reel reaching over 3.5k people – all things that felt unachievable in January.” Participant in my last cohort