I thought I’d write a blog post about a NEW goal (my husband) Dave and I have for this year and that is to launch our membership here at Creatively Conscious and Physical Freedom.

We work together a lot even though our offers on the outside look quite different.

There are a fair few strands to it but the first one I’m looking at as part of taking part in my coach Sarah Raad’s Believe and Achieve programme is to;

Launch and fill a membership to our allotment garden space and soul space tipi to be used from May- September

The first thing I did when I realised this goal was chat to my husband about it in more depth. We didn’t have a clear plan when we bought the tipi we just knew we wanted an outdoor ‘space’ and we were excited as always about the potential for work/ life balance for us and for others who might want to use it.

We were excited to have found a pop up space within our budget that fit in our allotment garden space and so last year it was used for a few family sleepovers, massage treatments, games and some snuggly hot chocolates under the stars. This year we want to be more ready to share our little slice of magic with the world.

So far, I know the membership will be attractive to lots of different types of people;

* wellbeing practitioners
* people who want an alternative space to work in
* people who want to hold circles and day retreats
* people who want to connect to nature and work in a space with the sounds of nature and a view of the sea not too far away
* artists, creative thinkers
* people who want to feel inspired and calm and rested
* people who are looking for a sense of freedom away from the daily hustle

My research has shown me that it can be really hard to break even or make any sort of profit when booking community hall spaces. With average prices around £20 per hour and most people wanting set up and take down time you’re looking at venue hire of around £60 to run a 90 min workshop.

My research also showed me the benefit of co-working spaces – I researched some in London, Manchester and Newcastle and there were a few things that stood out – the ability to hot desk, find good coffee and be surrounded by plants and none of the chores that exist at home.

The Tipi

* Has a woodburning stove – cosy!
* Is a blank canvas for however we’d like to set it up.
* Has windows which can be fully open if you like the backdrop of plants and our chickens.
* Has access to electricity so you can charge laptops/ phones/ bring extra fairy lights!
* Is situated in our allotment garden across the road from our home based business in Shilbottle.

So perhaps it will be an office space in nature for you, a place to book at hold a day retreat or a space to draw a sacred circle around nourishing yourself with meditation or creativity – we can’t wait to meet you and find out!

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