My e-book is here!

I wrote an ebook!!    After having this on my goals list for 9months I’ve brought it to life.

I wrote it to make my Artist Boat coaching programme affordable to everyone and as an experiment to see whether it would work as a stand alone self directed thing!  I’ve been mentoring creatives and artists for over 12 years and for 3 under my Artist Boat programme.

I’ve not had as much time for coaching as I would like recently.

So I wanted to put something into the world people could use at their own pace.

What’s the book about? 

📖 It’s about creativity, it contains a set of holistic exercises to enhance your creative practises, build up new ones and deal with some of your self limiting beliefs.  It encourages you to show up for your wellbeing and gives you practical space to work through 12 weeks of journal prompts to help you.

It’s 34 pages of reading and tried and tested exercises to help you succeed and delve deep into self development for creativity.

Who’s it for?

Quite simply – people who want to use their creativity more!

Whether you feel stuck, overwhelmed, like you have too many ideas, like you need a critical friend – the workbook works!  It sharpens your self awareness and teaches you how to make physical space in your life for new practises.  Whether you want to plan in more social media, take better photos, take up a new artistic practise, learn a new creative skill.  Or if you just want to get curious about that niggling feeling of whether you could ever fit in making your own pottery.

It works for business owners and those who feel their creativity is more of a hobby.  It teaches you how to indulge your most creative self.

Client Feedback/ Reviews

I asked some of my previous coaching clients to read through the book and one said;

“This has totally re-inspired by Artist Boat journey and I can’t wait to put some of these new journalling practises into action”

How do I get one?

So…  you just click the link below to buy and it will automatically download.

The average client spends over £350 working with me over a month on my Artist Boat coaching programme so this is an absolute steal!

Artwork by Shannon S

It will be on sale until the end of July and then back out again in October (you’ll see why if you grab a copy).

Thanks in advance for your support and cheerleading which has helped me make this project happen! 📖

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