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Thank-you for your interest in my work. 

About Creatively Conscious

Based in Northumberland, Claire Newton is director of Creatively Conscious a company which aims to empower people to think in creative ways to explore arts and community engagement in fresh and dynamic ways.

Claire has over 15 years experience of working with children, families, young people and communities to empower and unlock voice in considered and sensitive ways.  She often works as a creative consultant and project manager with artistic and historical stimuli.

Claire is also a personal development coach for creatives and artists and writes a blog about a conscious and sustainable approach to being creative underpinned by wellbeing and her work in the arts/ heritage sector.

Do you feel like you need an injection of creativity and some clarity woven through your business to move you closer to achieving your goals? 

Do you feel motivated to make change and feel empowered with new tools to grow and develop your creative, strategic and environmental aims? 

Why not drop me an email?  Creatively Conscious works with Charities and Arts/ Heritage organisations and on a one -to- one basis with creatives and people driven by their purpose across the globe.

I’d love to hear about your BIG dreams even if you’re not sure what they are yet or feel your voice shakes when you talk about them… 

To read more about my self-directed development mentoring and coaching for individual creatives click here.

To read more about how I work with organisations to unlock their creativity and empower their staff and participants click here.


Creatively Conscious Core Values and Beliefs 

1.Everyone can be creative and has the right to creative expression (even if you were once told you’re not good at art). 

2. We are a product of our environment and to work congruently we must sharpen our awareness of how our environment feeds and shapes us. 

3. We are open, honest and upfront about our boundaries, how we can work together and what we hope to achieve within a given timeframe.

4. We are environmental champions and encourage a zero waste and plastic free approach to our work.

5. Our partners and collaborators whole-heartedly share our values. 


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