The end of February brought with it ‘The Beast from the East’ a media driven concept which translated as inches upon inches of beautiful crisp white snow. ❄️. And absolute chaos if you tried to use your car.

Our entire village was cut off for days – we LOVED IT!

While the grown ups built an igloo, my little boy played with the neighbours kids and I was able to meet deadlines and make an video call appointment with Sarah – a local artist who has just started to take part in my Artist‘s Boat programme.

Sarah works across many arts disciplines – she paints, takes video, writes and is even self published! She’s an inspiration!

(πŸ‘†πŸ»My visual representation of The Artist’s Boat programme – Sarah’s artwork is much more sophisticated πŸ˜‚)

In our first session, Sarah and I spoke about the cycles of creating art… the different energy they bring. Loosing focus , creative blocks, productivity buzz, the demand of funding bids and commissions to the space in between when often inner wisdom is loudest.

There are lots of similarities in the way we approach life and our creative paths and it’s an absolute pleasure to be working with her.

In the face of fear and lack of abundance coupled with vulnerability in the biggest snowstorm we’d ever seen, we both found we each only had ONE banana in our fruit bowls!

When we bunker down in work, life or snow storms – it’s only good for so long, if we’re good at being self sufficient maybe slightly longer but with community, our life is enriched and bananas are plentiful!

With no way to buy any more and the contemplation of the energy they bring we did laugh as we realised the metaphorical irony of how the creative projects and internal dialogues can play out…

We will be talking again in two weeks time and keeping in touch via email. I am going to read some of Sarah’s work and the intent we’re working on together is;

” navigating the space to share”

I didn’t eat the last banana – Actually some friends brought in a whole beautiful bunch of 8 by sledge fresh from their grocery run an hour after our call – I wonder if Sarah decided to eat hers?🍌