Just yesterday I was feeling a bit sad about not getting an interview for a funded self development programme I’d applied for.

I deployed some re-focussing techniques straight away as I didn’t feel a mopey energy would be helpful for the rest of the week I have ahead.

Here’s how I refocused myself and drew on my intent for March – “Acceptance and Action”

  • Immediately talked to people. I talked to my parter, text two people I respect and admire, emailed my referee and told my neighbours. I was almost bored of talking about it after all that!
  • Gave my “inner chimp” a banana! If you’ve had a knock back it’s easy to focus in on not being good enough, young enough, talented enough – before you know it you’ve literally created the worst enemy you’ve ever had all in your own head and it’s screaming at you to NEVER try anything out of your comfort zone again. Luckily for me – me and the chimp are good pals now! See “The Chimp Paradox!” What a Book!!
  • Counted my blessings – honestly this exercise is so wonderful and re-affirming – 5 down to 0 really whole heartedly usually does the trick. πŸ’πŸŒˆπŸ€ΈπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
  • Got on with other things – we had a fab afternoon actually! I got roped into helping my partner deliver a kids yoga class and then we met friends for an early tea to talk about home ed.
  • Talked to Instagram – as odd as I find it I embrace it and I received a GORGEOUS message from an artist I’m working with which literally made my night!

How do you deal with rejection or an unexpected result on projects? I’d love to hear your tips?

I’ve had SUCH a brilliant day working on some really great projects today and hadn’t thought about it all again until I got a text from a friend. This message gave me some space to reflect on what I want to learn from the experience!

Mindset eh? It’s a wonderful thing!