On Monday, I met with a local photographer, artist and nature enthusiast to help her hone an idea she has for a big creative project.

We met in my living room with the fire on and plenty of earl grey tea as it was a pretty grey day! 

I’ve spent a long time in professional Arts Management and find thinking ambitiously and bigger picture with creatives super rewarding.

It appeals to me to connect the web of possibilities and find great partners for a project.

Lots of artists I meet feel a little under confident – Sometimes unsure of if there idea is worthy or like a small fish in a big pond especially when they’ve had knocks or are starting out.

In imagining the possibilities, blue sky thinking, aligning with their own intuition and energy levels I help artists to realise their projects and ambition.

Laura came to meet with me for some creative coaching around how to get her project ready for a funding application. She wants to grow an idea she’s already delivered as part of her university course and take it to the next level and reach more people through her photography and art.

What’s brilliant about Laura’s project is it combines personal story with her talent for photography and passion for nature. It’s such a winning combination and she’s already creating incredible art and raising awareness of a cause close to her heart,

Laura and I are working together through skills swaps – I actually met her through my partner as she came for a massage at his studio and we got chatting! She’s working with him to create some images for his Physical Freedom programme.

You can read more about phase one of her project here.

Watch this space for further updates on how the project grows as I share our journey together, I can’t wait to help Laura develop her funding bids for it.

Laura is taking part in ‘The Artists Boat’ creatively conscious coaching package with me. Click here to learn more.