When I was working in America, my colleague and I came up with a name for the entity that brought us nerves before our recording sessions and showed up as tech glitches in our video equipment.

Tasked with a 5 live camera shoot each night and moving the HEAVY equipment each day in the burning hot sunshine meant that sometimes things went wrong.

But in reality, it was how we reacted to the glitches that really mattered.

A step back and a moment of calm worked wonders.

The summer camp we were working at sold on the video tapes of their little darlings in theatre shows/ talent nights so it was SUPER important (to them) the audio and video quality was as good as it could be. We also taught the children how to use the equipment and I remember it was so hilarious with us in the box watching them and watch the show instead of filming it. They would sometimes just take their headsets off so they couldn’t hear us que them!

We didn’t have to ride this pressure at all, we got paid regardless, had a great time – we actually had a right laugh and went for for a sneaky Diet Coke when IVIL the gremlin showed up in what ever form to give him some space.

Somehow at age 21, I was better equipped to deal with a critic or glitch than I feel I am now. I just saw it as a thing that didn’t belong to me and had its own identity – simples! I’ve mentioned it before but if you’ve not read it yet The Chimp Paradox is excellent!

Listening to one of my favourite podcasts “letters from a hopeful creative” this week has just reminded me of the fact we are NOT our inner critic. We do not house them or need to listen to them.

So WELCOME back Ivil – sorry I forgot about you. Have a seat, take a cookie 🍪 but don’t bother me as do my creative stuff and change up the ripples world ok!?


Do you fancy naming your inner critic? Would love to hear all about it!