Hi all

Just dropping by to share my December intent – #tagthesparkles

Born out of gratitude, born out of journey and born out of my absolute fascination with Deer! Ask me about that one!?✨🦌

But with pure heart it’s born out of making sure we tag the literal sparkles and recognise them wholeheartedly and not just the warm fuzzies on social media. (Hello dopamine hit)


Tag the Sparkles is something I use in my own practise to help notice the magic that weaves itself into everyday life in nature, in work, in kindness, in compassion. You can even download a tag the Sparkles monthly calendar in Gifts! It works so well for me to work this way especially on oh so grey days like today! ⛅️

I hope by being focussed on this intent for a whole month I have more sparkles to share to extend to those I work with and friends too and I’ve already kicked that off by sharing a BRAND new gift download!


Last month’s intent of ‘Conscious Silence’ served me so well – I’m keeping it until March 2019. I like to hold space for intents to be undercurrents and over-arching and I think with this one it’s important for my personal and creative development.

I battled my way through public speaking (blog) nerves, held my tongue in family clashes and thought carefully and consciously about issues with my dear four year old who I fear isn’t emotionally ready to be in the school environment he’s found himself in despite the best efforts of some wonderful practitioners.


I’ve meditated, driven with the windows down to feel the winter air and chosen to pick up contact and connection and put down my Instagram app … a little.


I hope you have a wonderful December – it’s my most favourite time of the year – I’m a huge fan of the Yuletide glow!


Let me know if you keep self development at the top of your agenda or let it all go for a more busy social calendar… do you manage to fit “everything” in?

Myself and my partner are hosting an online ‘pause’ focussed on breath, nutrition and productivity if you fancy a look it starts Wed 12 Dec for 5 days.

Until next year or my 2018 round up whichever comes first, Thank-you for being here on this journey… I’ve been blogging for a year now. I slowed down as I hit 100 posts early summer to reframe the why but I’ve enjoyed every moment!

Claire ✨🦌