It’s a cliche but I feel like 2018 went by in a heartbeat… maybe I should have written each date more at the top of my page each day like we did at school and that way I would have really noticed it…? Maybe it comes with the territory of being older, busier, less excited by Christmas?! πŸ˜†(not because of the incredible joy but more the amount of organisation!)


My biggest takeaway from 2018 for 2019, is to make space and time to REALLY slow down the pace… I’m all for being #slowlived honest and I’m so grateful for the opportunities we’ve created to live this way! πŸ“

I feel I’m good at structuring my time working at home, making a flavoursome lunch and hanging out on the doorstep drinking coffee in between the emails, cuddling our chickens and things but what I have come to realise at the close of the year is that these fleeting moments, these 10minute pauses only serve to keep my energy topped up and never fully restored.

There’s been no REAL reset button, no chunk of time carved out … until about now. I finished work on Fri 14th December (with a quick event turn around on 19th) then I’m consciously not working again until 8th Jan. That’s a lot of days for adventure, love, friendship, family and to really reset. It’s been made possible by increasing my workload and insisting on a daily rate of pay I am worth.


I’ve realised this year, if I’m going to keep spinning all the multi-coloured plates of motherhood, being a smashing partner and giving a huge vat of super focussed energy to work and personal projects I’m in need of regular reset and retreat in lots of different ways.

Early thoughts on HOW this might happen are;

  • Making time for regular spiritual retreats through meditation
  • Lone runs on the beach
  • An adventure day by myself – Stand up paddle boarding is firmly on the list!
  • Social media blocks/ boundaries
  • Space to see friends for more than just a quick a coffee.
  • I’m fascinated with longer silent retreats too – I feel like I talk a lot and I would really value some more time to see inward.
  • Investigating some fab retreats run by women I’ve seen through following the Instagram crowd too – I’m excited to see what comes in 2019.


Have you set any intents for the year ahead? If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know I set monthly intents and I really love the way they anchor me to wellness, creativity and productivity. Self development is so important to me and it really helps fuel what I am able to give out to others.

To read my blog posts on each of my monthly intents for 2018 you can go back through and hopefully I’ll catalogue them all here when I get moment to focus on it.


My intent for 2019 is “To work with the prism”, last year’s was ‘Being Creatively Conscious’.

Il unpack that one here next month in my goals review and in our brand new year together – 2019.

Until then, I’m sending sparkles from my family to yours for a healthy and wondrous step over the 2018 threshold to a sparkly New Year ahead. If you want some tips to write your own goodbye to 2018 (which I do in a notebook I have a free download to help in my gifts section)

Claire x


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