In 2018, my monthly intents were varied and useful to framing the focus of my projects and work/ life balance…

I wanted to log all of the writing I do around monthly intents so you can have a go too if you fancy it…

There are lots of ways set a monthly intent.

It could be a mindset challenge, physical challenge or woven into bigger goals.

The best starting point is to ask what you most need from the month ahead… where are your challenges and what will you be doing?

Give yourself the first few days of the month to decide then write the intent in your diary at the top of the page each week. You could also write a blog about why or use a hashtag to keep yourself accountable.

I’m in the process of moving my old blog all over to this site so I’ll link the posts when I’ve done all that…

Here are the posts on the intents I set for 2018…

December 2018 – Tag the Sparkles (something I do every week when life throws up amazing opportunities or connections you weren’t expecting). You can download a calendar to do it too here.

November 2018 – Conscious Silence

October 2018 – The Gift of October

September 2018 – Slow lived September

August 2018 – Slow lived Summer

July 2018 – Strengthen the Psos/ Sacral chakra

June 2018 – Jog Everyday Juneand here.

May 2018 – Calling on Clarity

April 2018 – Cleanse, create and Grow

March 2018 – Acceptance and Action

February 2018 – Focus and Friendship

January 2018 – Forgiveness and Freshstarts

January 2018 – Forgiveness and Freshstarts

And that’s me full circle to 1st January 2019… blog post on that here.

Do you fancy having a go at setting monthly intents? Come let me know over on instagram @creatively.conscious

Hope you have an incredible 2019!

Claire x

Creatively Conscious