Managing the risk of pressing play on your podcasts… work out what speaks to you.

Do you listen to podcasts? What genre do you like?

Mine all seem to be self-development which makes sense give the work I do but I’d love to mix it up.

I sometimes clock up 4hours listening time each week whilst I drive between clients across Northumberland and Newcastle…

When I press play, I’m locked in for 40minutes at least so I want to know it’s going to be useful and fun to listen in. This has meant I’ve found a handful I like and I’ve stuck to them. What are your passions and interests? That’s what to search for in your podcast app.

Podcasts are SO SUPER current and topical

When I work with clients on my Artist Boat self development programme, lots of them are new to podcasts for creativity and personal development.

I always encourage them to dig into a search of their favourite creatives as part of their journey with me…

A podcast on a walk along the river?

I think I need to mix mine up a little but at the moment I’m listening to and loving all of these UK based podcasts…

3 Podcasts for understanding the creative journey

  1. Dear Hopeful Creative – a podcast with Sara Tasker (the instagram queen) and Jen Carrington who is a brilliant creative coach.
  2. Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker’s podcast – she is beautifully open about her creative journey to earning over £200k in 2018 and relatable in her vulnerability. She also asks GREAT questions of her guests and has a lovely soothing voice.
  3. What She Said – Lucy’s podcast is a similar format to the two above – I love listening. Lucy is a mum, has done lots of travel blogging and is a professional journalist who is very open and honest about her struggles.

3 Podcasts for understanding a self-employed and slower way of life

  1. The Little Chapters – a podcast with simple living enthusiasts Jessica Rose Williams and Kayte Ferris. I like what these ladies stand for and Kayte has great ‘simple and soulful’ marketing advice
  2. Sas Petherick – Sas is a coach specialising in self doubt – it feels like she’s my personal cheerleader at times! She talks about self doubt archetypes.
  3. Emma Gannon – Ctrl Alt Delete – Emma needs no introduction really. She has her finger on the pulse! I’d also recommend her book ‘The Multi-hyphen Method’ which is a Sunday Times best seller and is awesome!

What are your favourite podcasts and why? I’d love to get into listening to audio books too so let me know your recommends so I can mix up my morning commute…

Listen to my podcast ‘Voice of the Creative’ here.