Hi guys

Just a chatty post from me about my efforts with Second Hand September… 

second hand September

Full transparency – I didn’t treat Second Hand September as a STRICT CHALLENGE as I shop in Charity Shops all the time but I did feel a positive ripple in my awareness of second hand clothes shopping.

In September I bought NEW;

  • Tights and leggings (my leggings had holes in and new tights are an autumn wardrobe staple)
  • A white top from M&S (looked in charity shops and on ebay first)
  • Black jeans – £6 in the sale but even after two washes still stink of chemicals
  • Another top because I felt sad that I’ve now donated to charity because I wore it when I said goodbye to my Grandad before he passed away.
  • Bamboo Socks for Dave for our wedding

I’ve saved my Second Hand September chat on my instagram stories and have found some new networks of second hand shoppers on there too.

I enjoyed all the tips flying around online.

We have lots of charity shops close to us but you don’t often find the good quality stuff.  My friend Laura advises on feeling the material and checking the label for what it’s made of.  I never buy supermarket own brand clothes from Charity shops as I just don’t think the quality is that good!

Biggest Win

My Capsule Wardrobe – I just love my capsule wardrobe and it doesn’t bother me at all wearing the same things over and over.    This is the easiest Second Hand September win – cuts all the decision making I just don’t need anything!

Best Purchase 

A vogue pattern for a skirt my friend is going to help me make.

vogue patterns

Most Ridiculous Purchase

A man’s pink shirt that caused a complete divide on my instagram story replies – I’ve worn it anyway – was wondering if I’d get any real life compliments – I did… from my Mum!    I’ll probably donate it – it was only £3 and it’s not my absolute favourite thing to wear.    I bought it because I’d spent ages trying things on and nothing was “worth it” so I got this as I smiled when I put it on.

Biggest mistake

Dylon!  It went wrong because the materials aren’t all natural – I have a pigeon grey dress that was meant to be black and was cream.   It just wasn’t something I reached for alot so I thought I’d turn myself into a human pigeon!  Yes I read the label – no I won’t bother with dyeing again!

Some of my Best Tips

  • Donate time to Charity shop shopping – you need time usually – they are not merchandised the same way as the High Street – there’s no glamour to suck you in.
  • Save searches for high quality brands on ebay
  • Read this 
  • Be kind to yourself  – it’s not an easy mindshift change
  • Get creative – my friend Paul made an AMAZING jacket (from a new jacket with patches all over it).  I bought new sparkly laces for my trainers when the laces snapped which made me MUCH more happy than buying a new pair would have.

Customised Jacket – hours of work but what an incredible result

  • My friend Laura recommends ‘sustainable lifestyle store’ Manifesto Woman
  • I also love dugaree folks Lucy and Yak 
  • Think again about buying “stuff” you don’t need and won’t wear loads – join a spa instead like me – it’s the best £39 a month I’ll ever spend and feels so much better than any item of clothing.

Did you try Second Hand September – how did you get on?

Claire x