I had to laugh at the irony as I was pushing my ‘first week back’ tired body through the water at our local pool and I fixated on the sign…

“NO diving, no bombing!”

Defying Gravity… and being out in the world

As we ease back into our working weeks, the soft glow of fairy lights and the luxury of endless time in the morning is replaced by strong coffee and school runs.

And it’s no suprise in this ‘shock to the system’ space, people REALLY act out.  I notice it more in January that any other month I think?

As I read and re-read the sign I realised it doesn’t matter how strong your boundaries or strict your signs people WILL bomb right into your sacred space.   Winter is coming remember or something like that?

One minute you are easing yourself into the calm waters and getting on just fine, the next you have chlorinated water in your eyes temporarily blinded in how on earth to move forward.

Your hair’s wet and you’re longing for the spacious days of Christmas gone before set at your pace and definitely without splashes.

boy and dad on the beach at sunset

How to spot and respond to an energetic bomb… 

  1. Re state your boundaries – if people offer you space and then push you for a decision or bring pressure, deadlines forward or personal issues into your space, you still have a choice!  Take a step back and ask yourself what you want to do because ultimately it’s up to you.   Your sacred space is the most important thing you can give yourself in decision making.
  2. Re-assure (yourself) – this week in an important meeting attended by over twenty senior leaders, I was asked what could have been seen as a very left field question.    I’m never offended.  The thing is we all have a million different human experiences so one person never reads a situation exactly like the next person.  I like to really listen to where the question is coming from – is it fear?  experience?  frustration?  to show me up?  Our unique experiences are AS important as the person asking the question to to calm the ripples we hold that in out heart as we answer.
  3. Shut that stuff down – if you’re not vibing with someones energy, shut it down.  Again, if you’d like to join me back in the spa for my example.  Quite often people talk incessantly about their world views in the sauna or forget to shower before they get in.  I think it’s something about the heat it makes them sit on the top shelf and spout hate like they’ve had 10 pints and someone’s insulted their ancestors.  Here’s the thing…I just get out!  My thinking and down time is so much more important than your narrow views on the mental health epidemic and politics.  I know instantly I won’t agree or really care.

The beauty and wisdom within me recognises and honours the beauty and wisdom within you

My intent for January is Simplicity – it comes from a place of wisdom into what I need.  I don’t have the option of taking any more time off work but I do have the option of how my time at work plays out.

Shorter days, weekend space and a pace I set all helps me share my best self with the world.  I have plenty of compassion available outside of the sauna for my friends, family, clients and participants I work with!


Do you set monthly intents?  If you are interested in the process, I have a few blogs on it.  You can also read more about how I plan my year out here. if you’d like to?

Sending you steadying strength and sparkles for the colder weeks ahead.  Watch the water and enjoy the moon.

Claire x

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