Hi guys

Just a follow up now we’re a few weeks in to this blog I wrote…  these blogs are aimed at creatives who are (for the most) part self employed…

I’ve been supporting small businesses where I can so just a few mentions…

How’s everyone doing…? 

I had this blog planned to report on my ‘#NoSpendJanuary’ challenge I undertook but never quite got round to writing it up from my notebook…

I would have written TAKE-AWAY COFFEES steal all my money and ended the blog there to be honest.

….but they can’t now – haha!

Also HOW much have we all saved on fuel the last few weeks – crazy!    HAPPY PLANET.

Anyway, here we all are…hopefully still some useful notes in here to help you feel a little more ‘in control…’

Here are my top tips to save money and get savvy during these ‘strange times’

  1. Get conscious about what food you need… we are doing one BIG food shop per week at LIDL because we find it fresh and good value.  We are planning meals using a Meal Planner from Nelly’s Cupcakes blog.  I’m batch cooking bulking meals out with extra veggies and stuff.  Newish discovery – we love rice noodles they’re a huge hit.    We’re also buying gorgeous tasty treats because we all need stuff to look forward to don’t we?  Mini magnums at 9pm I hear you!!
  2. Grab an eco-egg and check what setting you’re washing your clothes on… I noticed this in January I always press ‘eco’ setting on the washer but there’s one that is also only 15 minutes long…. some things don’t need a FULL laundrette style wash.   You can buy them here – we’ve had ours years…
  3. Consider how you might earn money online...there are a tonne of different ways from ebooks, to webinars, online mentoring (which I do)… have you got something you want to put up for sale?  Artwork? A kid’s colouring book, a short story?    You don’t know if you don’t try guys…  check out etsy and ebay.  If you don’t feel like popping to the post office right now then box stuff up for future you.
  4. Use what you have…with the kids.  When all the gorgeous crafting with kids instagram posts kicked off I was tempted to buy stuff but we already have TONNES.  We are printing colouring in sheets at home and using up stuff from birthdays and christmases gone by…  rediscovering lego sets. We also blew up a huge inflatable turtle we had in the garage for L which is meant for the pool coz ‘why not’?

    Installation by Amy Lord for Enchanted Parks – 2018


  5. Use what you have… in your home… I’ve used some chalk paint from like three years ago on a 1950’s kitchen dresser in our home… it’s worked really well.
  6. Sort out your wardrobe… There’ll be so many beauties hiding!  I’ve been running with a capsule wardrobe for a while now and it’s really lovely.  I’ve just swapped over to my Spring/ Summer clothes and I also stole one of Dave’s t-shirts to add in the mix too.
  7. Get ahead and make some pressies… if you learn a new making skill you can use it to make presents for birthdays coming up even get lots of Christmas gifts ready… I’m thinking chutneys/ jams and book making.    Our bath bombs were a disaster but I might try again…
  8. See what’s about for free… before all this, we helped a neighbour build a wood shed out of pallets – it turned out great!
  9. Get amazon or other affiliate links… I didn’t get round to fathoming this out yet but I’m going to look into it… why not hey?

Has anyone got any cereal boxes?  I’m off to make some box files!!

Claire x

PS – (you know I love a PS)

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