Hi guys

I wrote a little while back about my decision to declutter during lent…  blog here

My parameters were;

  • to give something away each day or a set of things together…
  • to decrease storage boxes – we seem to have too many
  • to work through two spaces/ boxes/ cupboards a week
  • to re-purpose things if possible

So…it worked really well and kept me anchored during what became an unsettling time globally.

messy crafts on a table

Craft tidy up

If you want to read more about why I’m still setting goals during UK lockdown the blog is here.

Here’s how it went…

  1. Files of old paperwork – into the fire.  I re-watched Marie- Kondo’s technique on paperwork stuff.
  2. Glasses cleaner cloths – I had 6 – went in the bin
  3. Books – went to Barter Books
  4. L’s too small clothes – charity
  5. My clothes (mainly too short party dresses) – charity
  6. Old (fake) ugg boots with holes in – bin
  7. Crafts we don’t use – re-sorted and gifted stuff to friends kids
  8. Old medicine – down the sink then recycled the bottles
  9. Old glass jars/ containers like the ones from posh deserts – recycling
  10. An old file in the garage – gave to a neighbour
  11. Paint tins where the paint had gone hard – bin
  12. Some shiny shoes where the heel was broken – bin
  13. Beaten up school shoes – bin
  14. Bits from the tool-shed – re-organised into less containers
  15. Huge toy box – turned into a laundry basket
  16. A broken kindle and broken hair straighteners – recycled at tip
  17. Old ceramic projects in cabinets are now in a little magic area outside
  18. Storage boxes have been re-purposed – L loves to play zoos where each animal has it’s own box so I’ve just given him tonnes to play with.
  19. Notebooks over 15 years old – I enjoyed reading through these.  I’ve kept the covers to make more books and burnt all the pages in the fire with gratitude to past me and all my ramblings!

Are you asleep yet?  

I’m not going to list all 40 but promise there was WAY more.

So how I did it…

I just chose an area, a drawer, a space each day and went through it asking if the objects were needed in our lives right now.

One of the weird things that happens is you get to know a little more about why you’re holding onto things… perhaps out of them being gifts or expensive or just because you know…one day!  There is lots that de-clutters our minds without us realising and I take all my clients on The Artist Boat programme through this process.

Everyone needs to figure out their own rules on a declutter – it’s so personal.

My rule is three years – if I haven’t used it in three years I let it go (except posh outfits for weddings/ occasions).  Anyone else thought about #dressupthursday – I’m tempted!

How to deal with nostalgia… 

So I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic the last few weeks – there is something re-assuring about memories.  In dreams and in thoughts.  I have a collection of L’s drawings in a file and I have a series of special books I have made using Amy Lord’s method for The Story of you and Me I’ve re-organised memories into.

I have a couple old t-shirts from like 20 years ago that are a bit short but I’ve been wearing them to run in because they just make me happy.


And to keep things real there’s a lot that has come into our home recently.  Mainly presents for L – Pokemon gifts from friends and my sis, a playmobil set for Easter and a second hand gift of a toy pram.  He has SO much stuff but it’s not the right time to ask him to declutter…

I also bought me and L some H&M conscious brand clothes as he is outgrowing his and I wanted some to fit in my Spring/ Summer capsule wardrobe.

And if you’re interested in more of this stuff, last year’s blog is here.  

So do you fancy a big Spring declutter?  I’d really recommend it!