Hi guys

I was asked just yesterday how I have created community being freelance for 12 years.

I’d actually never thought about how much community as a freelancer means to me before so figured I’d write an article on it for you.

Here are my Top 5 Tips on finding community as a freelancer

1. Talk to (like minded) people.
This might sounds obvious but if you’re on your path you want to align with people who support that path. Having a list of people (in your mind or written out) and you can go to for advice or as sounding boards had been crucial to my creative success.

2. Join the groups
I have a love/ hate relationship with Facebook and honestly this is how I make it work now. I have a news feed plug in blocker so I don’t see anything of anyone else’s noise. I have four groups I purposefully check in with a few times a week. One is a freelance group for my location, one is a group for an online course I took with Leonie Dawson, one is Indie Rollers and one is a Bullet Journal Gang space. These groups feed and nurture my creativity and have helped me figure out lots of sticking points in my business.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” H Jackson.

3. Check in with how you’re spending your time…

Are you locked to your desk 8 hours a day? What are the other opportunities in your immediate environment? School drop off chats? podcasts on your drives? a lunch time exchange with a neighbour? How can you fill your cup up and feel connected to the immediate world around you?

we don't have wifi, talk to each other, pretend it's 1995 on a blackboard sign with two hearts


4. Collaborate
I have periods where I feel like working with ALL the people and periods that I like to work more quietly but collaborations bring sooo much community. If you’re planning for future years in your business get reasonable with how much your want to collaborate and who is on your Big Dreams list to work with? If you’ve not done much collaboration before try something small like an instagram giveaway or guest blog post to see how it all feels.

5. Reflect
In my e-book ‘The Artist Boat’ I talk about the importance of finding time each month and each quarter to reflect on your work, how it’s felt and introduce a selection of journalling prompts to encourage you to excavate your subconscious. Getting to know yourself better and in the here and now is KEY to moving forward in the ways you want and letting go of old demons!

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Sending Sparkles

Claire x

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