Creativity Island – Moments in the Mundane 

Moments in the mundane, guest post by North East writer Danielle Slade as part of Creativity Island for Mums


Danielle Slade with her daughter at a local duck pond

Moments in the Mundane

Naturally and often we take for granted the mundane moments in our day to day lives.

We seek for magic and excitement elsewhere (in our heads), planning BIG days out, holidays, taking photos of the best bits to post on Instagram later, making that messy play session in our home with all of that stuff you bought from amazon because that celeb mum did it.

While these experiences are usually what we expect them to be, create beautiful memories for our children and leave us feeling accomplished and full of warmth, there are times when ‘seeking for things elsewhere’ can become exhausting.  

I feel they can ultimately block us from connecting to the present and feeling gratitude for those ‘mundane moments’.

Moments in the Mundane - Daily in baby hand with mum

Moments in the Mundane

There have been so many times as a mother where I have gotten myself and my daughter out of the house and gone to a baby group, into the city, early morning swimming, to the theatre, soft play (the list goes on) all because I needed to physically be somewhere else.

Reflecting on it 16 months in I think it was in order to feel like I had done something with my day and therefore feel productive and content by the end of it.  Yes even if I was exhausted or didn’t feel up to it!!!

BUT, when the 9am baby yoga was met with a screaming car journey, the afternoon swim was met with a poo explosion, and the shopping experience in town was met with an hour long feed in a changing room- these big things that I ASSUMED would bring me joy, sometimes left me feeling drained and anxious.

Moments in the Mundane - Toddler reaching into a big blue bucket

Moments in the Mundane

SO, what am I getting at here… ?

Although I still do all of the above, I have now found ways to give myself permission to slow down and absorb the mundane.  Now my daughter is 16 months old;

  • A mundane morning which would once leave me feeling a bit empty, now brings me gratitude and also sparks creativity and energy.
  • I recognise a walk around the block looking at leaves and flowers fills us both up.
  • A quick trip to the supermarket while my little girl quietly eats a yoghurt in her pram means we are organised and have lovely food to look forward to.
  • Popping to the local swings I can see is the absolute highlight of my daughters day!
  • Creating a calm cosy environment for a cuppa and a Disney book makes us both glow.
  • Waving to the bin men out of the window is just delightful.
  • Bird watching in the garden, I see the world through her eyes.
Toddler with toilet roll - Moments in the Mundane

Moments in the Mundane

What makes up your mundane?  Be honest!  

And why is it ok to feel fulfilled by it?

How does it help you slow down?

How can it help you feel grateful?

And how can it make the bigger stuff feel even better?

Are there any moments in the mundane that spark creativity for you?

Prompts for you…

  • Write a list on your phone of all of the mundane stuff you and your child did or achieved today!
  • Did you find enjoyment in any of them?
  • Can you plan for some of these mundane activities for tomorrow?
  • How can you be more conscious of these mundane moments, rather than letting them slip by?
  • Could you take photos and make a collection or observe how calm you felt just moving through your day?
  • Perhaps journal a little if that feels good to you?

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