Just here peaking through the crack of the door to 2022…

I’m sitting on my sofa surrounded by last year’s notebooks including my own ‘Creativity Island for Mums’. I have some motivation, not tonnes but that’s the thing when you’ve been setting goals for as long as I have there’s a deep knowledge that there’s no need to rush…

I have hot tea that will probably go cold as I write this…

Here are the steps I’ll be following to figure out how to manage my time this next quarter.

Putting one foot in-front of the other.
* Doing something IS doing something.
* Some days you might chip away, other days might be about fresh air and rest.

Get sparkly with you wall calendar
* Here’s the template I use – Your 2022 Wall Cal
* I use nice pens and add the solstice dates, school hol days and the bank hols first
* Then notes on my cycle
* I just use this as an easy way to see where I’ll be taking time off work (I don’t work school holidays if I can help it because motherhood and childhood is so precious and fast).

I might also print one for my gardening plans! A hobby I started on mat leave last year.

Set a ‘word of the year’ as an anchor
*As part of saying Goodbye to the year gone by I like to reflect on how the word of the year served me, my work, my health, my happiness – the blog on that is here.
*The day after I printed this I was wondering about my word for 2022 – I’d done a tiny bit of journalling and had words like “be” “reach” “content” then I opened pinterest and it was right there. Isn’t it lovely when life’s like that?

Reflect on last year’s goals
* where did I put them again…?

And that’s all I’ve got. (So far)

I’m starting SLOW because it’s winter and winter calls for rest and introspection. You just have to look out of your winter to see how much nature rests.

I’ll write more on what pans out next in my next newsletter. You can sign up here. I’m using my own method I’ve written up for you here. It’s called ‘How to Colour outside the Lines in 2022’

So are you ready to (at least) say hello to 2022? Wishing you a peaceful start. Put pen to paper and see what you come up with.

Sending sparkles

Claire x