The Artist Boat is my coaching package for creatives and artists who really want to understand their motivations, inspirations and new ways to strategise in their work and lives.

Inspired by Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way” my programme invites you to use the metaphor of a boat to understand what you need to feel secure enough to set sail into the unknown and once on the water which islands you want to visit! 🌴

Inspiration, too much or lack of can be such a huge factor for the people I work with and that’s why we have A WHOLE ISLAND to put it all on… so I thought I’d share with you what’s on mine and invite you to build your own…

I go there to;

  • Go to the city just to soak up the smells, the architecture, the diversity, the vibes
  • Craft
  • Plant and grow
  • Write letter and send packages to friends
  • Play games with my little boy
  • Read to my little boy
  • Go to gigs
  • Talk to creative types (see Tea and Creativity/ Coffee and Creativity threads)

There’s space for NEW experiences and that’s the most important thing for me. A memory scrapbook of the best galleries and experiences I’ve ever had and a thousand blank pages to make new ones.

Its a collection of experiences and events that keep me connected to my source of creativity. That coupled with running, Yoga and being in nature makes the energy flow so I can be the most creative, innovative and inspired version of myself for my clients and for my own sense of wellbeing.


Do you fancy setting sail? Drop me a line and I’ll send you more information! Or just have a go yourself following these prompts…don’t think about it too much just let the answers come…

When you close your eyes what colour to you associate inspiration with?

Paint your boat that Colour!

What do you need in your boat with you? 3 things go!

Write them down.

Now time to set sail to inspiration island…

Who do you want to meet there?

What do you want to see?

Write them down…

Now land on your island…

What does it look like? What materials do you have there? Do you want to sleep over? For how many nights?

Spend sometime on your island of inspiration…let me know how it feels!