I’ve been working with visual artist Sarah for 7 months now. Sarah has invested in The Artist Boat programme.

The commitment to our work together is 10months.

Sarah and I have have had two coaching sessions, lots of emails and texts and she is working through Freedom Planning with an intent I set her around self promotion and visibility;


Sarah is a hugely talented artist, as creative as she is connected and always open to new ideas and ways to harness and expose creative energy.

I wanted to share Sarah’s intent of ‘navigating the space to share’ more widely as I feel it’s one we all need equal amounts of curiosity and balance around.

Putting our ideas ‘out there’ can feel incredibly vulnerable but offers such an instant way of receiving feedback from those connected to our work, a like, a double click or the tag of a friend can mean so much to a creative who is sharing.  The word of caution to ourselves is a creation that we have invested hours in can disappear in a split second, down a feed or away from someone’s attention but that does not make it unworthy.

I wholeheartedly encourage my clients to do the posting and running away from the screen dance when the time is right for them and as much as they want to do it!   Navigate it – there’s no science, well unless your trying to beat the instagram algorithm but let’s not go there today.

Sharing our ideas, thoughts, creative products with our audience is also choosing to share a part of who we are but it doesn’t have to be EVERYTHING we are… for more on my thoughts on this see ‘my home online’ post.

Thanks Sarah has for the gifts of chamomile and rhubarb for our edible garden too!