I absolutely adore the Autumn… the changing colours of the trees, the conkers collected from outside the school gates, the glimpse of festivities on the horizon…

This month I have focussed my monthly intent on ‘gifts’.  If you’ve read anything over on my family life blog you’ll know I am fascinated with making space in all areas of my life.  After an incredibly busy summer working on some really rewarding projects I was so ready to slow the pace down in September and surrender to what came next without being in the driving seat – harder for me than you might think…

At the end of August, I started work with a new coach and mapped out three months of purposeful intents for the business arm of my life.  I say life here because my work is so connected to who I am as a person, I don’t clock off from being inspired by creating ever!  Jen is a brilliant coach and is helping me to map out my intuitive work week and develop skills in building a business online too.

September brought school starts and lots of surrender to overwhelming emotions and a huge dollop of vulnerability which I mostly happily embraced.   Then October so far, well wow – I had my first FULL week working at home… I’ve never done this before and it was amazing – my partner is at home lots too and we had lovely lunches together and took it in turns to make the tea!  I greeted the post-lady and popped out to see our chickens every day – it was just so lovely!

And it kind of just struck me this week – the week at home was because I made space for it, because I didn’t rush into contract applications yet I still had work enough to keep me busy and pay the bills.  Like MAGIC!

In the middle of developing some wonderful projects for children and young people I also worked on starting my podcast and created a seasonal slow living winter workbook for my e-mail list.  Want a copy?  Just head to my GIFTS page.

Or if you’re interested I have written more on how I make space for creativity and wellbeing during the autumn months here.