I’ve been incredibly lucky in lots of ways with this blog and everything woven into my life because of it.

Reason being, I know an incredibly small amount about SEO.  I find it very dull to be honest and a bit ‘hack like’.  It’s just not where I want to spend my time.

When I first started writing blogs (in Dec 2017), I didn’t write for a big audience or even really think about it.  I just wanted to share around the subjects of wellbeing and creativity.  Because I was in the middle of a career crisis to be honest.

I did have a personal goal to grow my audience but not for validation just to make sure my energy was well spent.

Now, as my following has grown, I am so happy when people (friends and strangers on the internet) comment or send me messages joining in the conversation.

At the start of the year, I set myself a personal goal and what felt like a huge challenge of working out a way to write for a magazine I really love to read.  Have you ever had that?

Every-time I read the magazine, I can relate to the writer and a lot of the time the illustrations too.  I feel I have such a connect with it and the themes and topics often heavily align with my core values – both personally and professionally.

Dispelling your own myths to meet your personal goals

Last year I learnt, that just because I’m not a journalist by trade, doesn’t mean I won’t be asked to write.  I enjoy writing articles for an online productivity website each month and this is something I am paid to do.

As a blogger, I’ve learnt small companies love to partner up and send things to try.  You actually don’t need at least 10k instagram followers to do this work – who knew?!

In reality, you can do anything you want to do especially if you tune into your blocks enough to move them out of the way.

And today, today I have made the first move to seeing my writing in print.  It has taken me 5.5 months to build up the confidence to write the email to the editor.   It’s appeared on my ‘projects’ list every single week.  That’s A LOT of seeing the words… ‘Pitch to Breathe Magazine’ 

With non attachment to any outcome I cannot wait to see and share what happens next.  I’ve already had an automated reply – yay!  Action is in process.

Pressing Send! 

The magic of pressing send was a combination of;

  • making a tonne of HUGE decisions about our wedding today (scheduled for Autumn),
  • subscribing to Tiffany Han
  • writing this blog
  • and lastly, being ready as I’ll ever be.


Thank you for keeping me accountable, nearly half way through the year and I’ve finally made my move!

Claire x

PS – How are you getting on with the personal goal, intents or challenges you set yourself back in January… now is such a good time to check in.  A year isn’t much time at all, it goes by quickly but you have the same 365 days as everyone else so make sure you’re not getting in your own way…. what would you tell a friend to do?