Did you create a “word” for 2020?  How has it served you so far?

My word of the year for 2020 was “wholehearted”. 

The idea behind choosing that word as I follow my own strategic programme for work and life – The Artist Boat was three-fold;

  • To consciously move away from any fears I had about wholeheartedly showing up in the world (in person and online)
  • To put my heart and soul into my coaching programme and embrace other creative opportunities at the same as streamlining energy into my  deepest goals.
  • To examine head v heart feelings towards some of the project strands I manage in my freelance portfolio.  (ie being conscious of how much work and what time led by who I say yes to just to pay the bills.)

Back in January, I wrote a blog on my word of the year here. 

a toy boat on a beach with a bike in the background

My fave photo of ‘uk lockdown’

Words v Intents 

You might have heard me talk about intents before?

For me, a word of the year and an intent is very similar.

A word is easy to remember and it’s FAST to bring your thinking brain to a situation too.  In 2019, my word of the year was “Prism” and it served me so well.  Blog here. 

I encourage my Artist Boat clients to set monthly intents as another way to anchor between their Big Dreams, Vision and Goals and it works really well for them.

It’s a practise I’ve fallen out of the habit of now.  Mainly because, I feel very aligned with my direction at the moment so don’t feel like I need to switch up my intents each month…

golden summer light

Golden eve light

Being wholehearted and what it’s meant…

Life is so full of twists and turns isn’t it?

None of us started 2020 really understanding what Covid-19 might be or bring to our lives.

However, it was a blessing in soo many ways…

We all;

  • Grocery shopped more consciously and used our cars less
  • Appreciated time with family
  • Took ourselves online more and got super used to it
  • Realised the fragility of life
  • Enjoyed daily walks/ scoots/ bike rides
  • Zoomed out and into the bigger picture
  • Slowed right down
  • Missed things (a lot of things)

the secret garden… ?

A vision into reality

I had very little on my vision board for 2020….

A photo of my son when he was a baby, a poem about motherhood and lots of pink and gold made it on there.  It felt like I needed to make space to keep my heart full and connect all of my creative pursuits back in with my heart centre….

Here in July, being 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl and due on my Mum’s birthday in December, has made me feel very connected to my Grandma and I have named two cherry trees after her and her mother to honour my lineage.

In work related projects, I’ve geared up when things flow and taken my foot off the pedal when there’s resistance and protected my heart a lot more than I would have last year.

Final Reflections – Word of the Year 2020 

And more than that, when we experienced loss of friends or made space for happy news we made sure we honoured mini ceremonies.

Dave lost of one his yoga students to suicide early in the year.  A beautiful soul and an environmentalist. To wholeheartedly honour his passing, we lit an orange candle every night at dinner in his memory.

When we lost our friend during lock down, we started to build a pond in our allotment garden to have a place to remember him.  It’s frequently visited by frogs and many birds too.  To pour grief into something as part of a ceremony of remembrance has been very healing for us both.

feet and textures



Interested in this practise? 

I learnt about the practise of setting a word of the year from Susannah Conway.

She’s an absolute marvel and I’d really recommend her courses too.

If you are interested in setting monthly intents, I catalogued them for 2018 and here’s my blog. 

My ebook ‘The Artist Boat’ is OUT (July 2020 and then again in Oct 2020).  Buy your copy here. 

Sending sparkles for a wonderful rest of 2020.

Claire x

PS  – I’d love to chat more about the woo of vision board, send me a DM on the gram.